Episode 11 // MAR Y LANA - Family Tradition Leads To A Lifestyle Of Giving Back

Photo taken by @unstuckwoman

Photo taken by @unstuckwoman

Mar Y Lana Poncho - Kids
Mar Y Lana Ponchos - Men
Mar y Lana Ponchos

Below the above people, organizations and resources are mentioned in this podcast:

Mar Y Lana exists to provide you with the highest quality of ponchos while giving back to the communities who have worked so hard to reclaim and preserve their tradition of woven textiles. 5% of their profits go back to the artisans' local school.

we work together to design beautiful ponchos with meaning, style, and purpose.
— Mar Y Lana
High-quality, ethically-constructed, and made to last by thoughtful, proud artisans.
— Mar Y Lana

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