Episode 04 // FACES of SANTA ANA - Let's remove titles and how to use our gifts to love those around us


In Episode 4, Bianca Interviews Brian Peterson, Founder of FACES OF SANTA ANA. Brian will be sharing stories from his experience with befriending people experiencing homelessness as well as how he uses his gift of painting to bring hope. 

Below the above people, organizations and resources are mentioned in this podcast:

Faces of Santa Ana is a passion project where Brian and Co. set out to befriend and paint portraits of the homeless community in Santa Ana, CA. They then sell the artwork and use proceeds to help in rehabilitating their friends ecperiencing homelessness.

Remove that title. You don’t have to just be known by one thing.
— Brian Peterson (Founder Of FOSA)
Break out of the box.
— Brian Peterson (Founder Of FOSA)