The Wonder of Love. ROMA Boots

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The common ground for socially conscious brands is giving back, making an impact and creating change. The love we have for ROMA boots is beyond just that. The depth of this company from the name, to their business model, is life-giving. Love is at the core of what they do. The other day we were able to talk with Founder Samuel Bistrian about all things ROMA Boots.

Roma Boots is a company that's "giving poverty the boot" (#givingpovertytheboot). The motivation behind this brand is not only to fight poverty but to walk in love, inspiring the name ROMA  from the Spanish "amor" spelled backward. Samuel Bistrian birthed Roma in 2010 with his love of fashion and philanthropy to help children in his home country of Romania. ROMA's ultimate goal is not only to provide aid but to educate. They started with a simple goal to spread good, but their mission has spread far beyond what they thought was possible, ROMA has been able to donate thousands of Roma Boots over the last five years in 25 countries on five continents.

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Many around the world and in the USA have collaborated with ROMA boots to make a difference. Last year, Sadie Robertson joined forces with ROMA to design a boot line that was featured on her Live Original Tour. And now the movie, WONDER (#choosekindness) has partnered with ROMA to create a special edition ROMA kids WONDER boot. "The WONDER Boot, a specially designed rain boot for children, was created in conjunction with the new movie Wonder. This limited edition boot is geared towards sharing the message of kindness, a message that ROMA has focused on since inception!"

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We can't wait to see what ROMA Boots does in the future. Be sure to keep a lookout in January for an interview with the ROMA boots Founder as a part of our Social Flourish Podcast launch!


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