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Picture yourself and the 4 people closest to your heart. Now imagine the 5 of you are locked in a room for a year, and every night you have to decide which of you will have to go to sleep hungry. 

1 in 5 children go to bed hungry…IN THE US! Among African-American and Latino children, this statistic jumps up to 1 in 3. 

FOR BETTER NOT WORSE (FBNW) is a Los Angeles based women’s apparel line with a unique give back model that tackles the issue of child food insecurity in the US. 

The journey for FBNW Founder Patricc Reed began in 1998 when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps straight out of High School. It was during this period that he first dabbled in fashion with a few Marine Corps buddies. Eight years after his service and three clothing companies later, Patricc took a gamble and made the decision to join a young startup organic apparel company as an unpaid intern. 

For four years Patricc helped build the company from scratch. He eventually became a partner and earned the title Director of Operations managing 90 plus employees within his department. At the time, he had considered this his dream job. But everything changed one afternoon during a life-changing meeting with an entrepreneur he had admired for years.

Patricc and the partners had a rare opportunity to meet with Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS. This meeting caused Patricc to reevaluate his purpose and potential as a business owner; his eyes were opened to the possibilities of social entrepreneurship. By the end of the discussion, Patricc had decided that he wanted to utilize business to give back to the community – he had no idea how, but he knew that he would find a way.  

A few months after the meeting, Patricc made one of the biggest decisions in his life to resign and start his own company that would give back to less fortunate children in the US. To start, Patricc approached friends and family that were school administrators to ask what children needed. The resounding consensus was that children need food for home. There are school subsidized programs that provide breakfast and lunch to children from food insecure households, but on nights, weekends, and holidays, these children often go without.

So it was decided, FBNW would provide a bag of groceries to a child in need in the US for each item sold. 


Unlike most other companies who write checks to charitable organizations based on net profits, FBNW places great importance on meeting the children they impact. Patricc and his team personally distribute the bags of groceries at their monthly FBNW Food Drops. In addition to the distribution, the team also sets up a photo booth and plays games with the children so that it takes the focus away from the charity aspect of the Food Drop. 

FBNW is now two years in operation. Since its establishment, the company has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to distribute the groceries and have had contributions from 'Whole Foods Market, Hippeas, KIND snacks, Chobani, Justin’s, and That’s It' to name a few. FBNW’s goal is to one day be giving thousands of bags of groceries to children in need across the US on a weekly basis. 

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