A Mela Artisans Holiday Giveaway!

Mela Artisans Holiday Giveaway

We LOVE this season. A season of Giveaways, sales and deals. We are excited to announce a holiday giveaway from ethical brands Ubuntu Made, Mata Traders, Purse & Clutch, and Mela Artisans. Enter below to win over $400 of prizes. 

Mela Artisans

Mela Artisans provides a sustainable global market for artisans while fostering entrepreneurship within their communities. They are doing this by creating a platform online where their customers can purchase their artisan made goods. Mela Artisans works with 50+ Artisan groups in 10+ states across India preserving the Indian heritage in design to support their health and living needs. Every purchase you make contributes to the livelihood of an artisan family.  

Ubuntu Made

"Empowerment means more than giving away free shoes or even providing a sustainable job. It means offering people a chance to create their own lives and livelihood." This is what Ubuntu Made is founded on,  creating change and sustainability within the community of Mai Mahiu in kenya. 

Together Zane Wilemon and Jeremiah Kuria created a center for children with disabilities, providing life-changing therapy and medical care for kids who suffer from physical challenges and social stigma. Once the children were out of the house, then the moms atarted asking how they could do something productive with their time. It all started with their reusable coffee sleeves.

Mata Traders

Mata means "Mother" in Hindi. This all began from an around-the-world adventure of three best friends who landed in India for four months. They fell in love with the country and vowed to make it part of their lives. Falling in love not only with the country but the colors, textiles and markets. They decided to create Mata Traders. A design driven, fair trade brand helping to end global poverty and inspire ethical companies and consumers to change the fashion industry. Your purchase provides a stable source of income for families in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Purse & Clutch

Purse & Clutch work directly with artisans in Guatemala & Ethiopia, they thoughtfully design & ethically make handbags to help end the cycle of poverty - to be a part of changing the fashion industry for good. Every purchase you make contributes to their mission of ethical fashion practices by supporting & sustaining long-term employment for men & women with limited opportunities!

No purchase is necessary to enter this giveaway. All you have to do is read the oliday giveaway terms + conditions and enter with your name and email address. Good Luck!